Magna Carta - State of the Art

Magna Carta - State of the Art

Magna Carta - State of the Art

Track list (*)

1. Perfect lovers
2. For the Gypsy
3. Lovers and friends
4. Listen to the man
5. Merryfield
6. I'll walk mine
7. Airport song
8. The old man
9. Two old friends
10. Ticket to the moon
11. Cancer child
12. Diamond in the dust
13. Country born
14. Bluesbar, café
15. Paradise row
16. State of the art
17. Lord of the ages

(*) There are at least five different versions of this live cd, on five different record labels! Most versions have the 17 track list as mentioned above. Only the HTD-version (HTDCD99) has track 12 missing. The 'Cartoon version' has a wrong spelling of track 12 ('Diamonds in the dust'). Stange enough all five versions have track 12 misspelled (it should be just 'Old Man'). And some versions have track 15 spelled with a comma, which should not be there.

This album was recorded live at the Vredenburg in Utrecht, Holland in 1994.

The Hypertension version of 1994 mentions "25th Anniversary Live concert". However, this is not the 'real' 25th Anniversy Concert in Utrecht (at the Vredenburg concert hall). The real celebration concert, with lots of guest musicians, was never released on an official cd, only on a 2cd bootleg.

The sleeve of the 'cartoon version' (Talking Elephant 2001) was made by Ruben Van Aefst.

The Spanish Barsa Promociones cover suffers a bit from some bad printing, and the booklet has much less information than the other versions. (Sleeve will follow.)

Some of the songs on this album were later also to be used on the "Forever" cd from 2000.

More information on this album will follow.