Magna Carta - Old Masters and New Horizons
Track list

1. Romeo Jack
2. Elisabethan
3. Airport Song
4. Autmn Song/Epilogue
5. Time For The Leaving
6. Sponge
7. Wayfarin'
8. Roll On
9. Wish It Was
10. Two Old Friends
11. Father John
12. Isn't It Funny
13. Nothing So Bad
14. Mixed Up Sensations/Old Man
15. I'm Gonna Take You Down
16. You Are Only What You Are
17. Stop Bringing Me Down
18. One Man's Heaven
19. You And I
20. Forever

As the title indicates, this cd is a mix of old and new songs. Interesting detail: the cd has some spelling mistakes in the track list. Track 2 is spelled with an 's', the official spelling is Elizabethan. Track 4 has the word 'Autumn' spelled as 'Autmn'.

More information on this album will follow.