Magna Carta - In Tomorrow

The best CD news of 2005: Magna Carta will release a brand new album, with 2 CDs plus a bonus DVD!! The title track is a re-recording of "In Tomorrow", the subtle song on "Prisoners on the Line".

DISC 1 - The first CD, titled 'mostly studio', has 15 tracks (some with two combined songs). It contains recordings with 'the chaps', as Chris and Linda use to say with lots of love for the many Magna Carta sidemen. Guest appearences: the great Lee Abbott on bass. Also Jonathan Barrett and Eddy Jackson on bass on additional tracks. John Shepherd and Paul Burgess on drums. Derek Nash; sax. Nippy Noya; percussion. Frank Schaafsma and Ian ‘Stewy’ Stewart; mouth harp. Rick Wakeman, Tony White and Mike Berridge; piano. Vic Emmerson ‘late of 10cc and Sad Café’; keyboards and production. Will Jackson is here and there on keyboards and guitar.

click on the link for a music sample Music sample: "In Tomorrow"
click on the link for a music sample Music sample: "Don't stop me"
click on the link for a music sample Music sample: "Only love knows how"

DISC 2 - The second CD, titled 'mostly live', offers 14 tracks. This CD is a 'must have' for anyone who ever visited a recent Magna Carta concert. It reveals the warmth and beauty of Chris and Linda as they perform now: the miracle of just two voices and two guitars. The intimacy, the power and the love. With occasional guest appearances of the talented Dutch Matt Barnhoorn (violin) and Lee Abbott (bass). The live CD tracks are taken from many recordings worldwide, from Damascus to Tunis; Caraccas to San José; Madrid to Grassington.

click on the link for a music sample Music sample: "Boulder to Birmingham"
click on the link for a music sample Music sample: "Life in the old dog"
click on the link for a music sample Music sample: "You say"
click on the link for a music sample Music sample: "You"

DISC 3 - The 2CD set also offers a free bonus DVD with excerpts from the Magna Carta live DVD "Ticket to the Moon". The set is completed by an eight page booklet.

The new album will be released by River Records. The EAN number of the new album is 5055134101159.

A word by a fan

Walter Goyen (maker of the website that you are now reading) designed the sleeve and booklet for the new album. Walter: "I am a Magna Carta fan for appr. 30 years now. This new album offers a wonderful combination of studio and live recordings. Two new CDs and a bonus DVD! As a big fan, of course I already have the original "Ticket to the Moon" DVD. But for anyone who never saw it, this bonus DVD will be a lovely introduction to a Magna Carta concert. And a great memory for anyone who has seen them already. I hope people will rush out and buy the full DVD too.

The studio CD is superb ("Don't stop me" might be a hit single!). My personal favorite is the live CD. It is Magna Carta reduced to the bare essentials: just Chris and Linda, only in some tracks supported by bass or violin. These live recordings demonstrate what a great team Chris and Linda are on stage. Two guitars and two voices in perfect harmony. Linda's amazing singing. Anyone who ever heard her sing "You Say" or "Boulder to Birmingham" live on stage will admit: this is music at it's VERY BEST. And I really LOVE Chris' song of "You". There are more than 30(!!) Magna Carta albums now, but this one is definitely going to be one of my absolute favorites. To all the concert visitors I want to say: you REALLY MUST buy this new album!! No regrets. Promised!!"

The new album is planned to be released at the new Dutch tour. So check the CD sales corner after the concert! Or check River Records.

Track list

1. Only love knows How
2. Uncertain Times
3. Don’t stop Me
4. Perfect Lovers
5. 9lb Hammer
6. Wind on the Water
7. Winterlude /Ulysses
8. In Tomorrow
9. Travellin’ Man
10. Sun ain’t gonna Rise
11. Blues for a long road Home
12. When all is said and Done
13. Countryborn
14. Abalone Sky / Banjo Man
15. Some kind of Man

1. Ticket to the Moon
2. Here to Stay
3. Only love knows How
4. Pictures in my Pillow
5. Boulder to Birmingham
6. Life in the old Dog
7. You Say
8. Hungerford Bridge
9. Songbird
10. Backroads
11. Speed at the sound of
12. Seasons in the Tide
13. From Clare to Here
14. You

Excerpts from the live DVD "Ticket to the Moon"

1. For the Gypsy
2. Three into Two (don’t go)
3. Midnight Again
4. Columbus

Magna Carta - In Tomorrow

The backside of the sleeve (draft, not the definitive version)
Magna Carta - In Tomorrow

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