Magna Carta - In Concert
Track list

Side 1
1. Airport Song
2. Time for the Leaving
3. The Boatman
4. Sea and Sand
5. Banjo

Side 2
1. Old John Parker
2. Seven o'clock hymn / Midwinter
3. Country Jam
4. Ring of Stones

Magna Carta introduced by Liesbeth List. Recorded at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam on the 4th November 1971.


Chris Simpson
Vocalist, acoustic guitar
Glen Stuart
Vocalist, glockenspiel, harmonium
Davey Johnstone (guest artist)
Acoustic guitars, electric guitar, mandoline, sitar, banjo, vocal

Most international versions are fold out covers. The inside is a black and white photo of the carpet, similar to the cover.
Magna Carta - In Concert (Japanese lp)
Japanese lp

This cover is from the Japanese vinyl version. It has a slightly different front, with an orange band name instead of the black band logo on all the other international pressings.

Different from most international versions, the Japanese cover is just a plain, non fold out cover. But it has a text insert.
Magna Carta - In Concert (Japanese lp)
Japanese lp

This is side B from the Japanese vinyl version.

The Japanese vinyl version is a so called Vertig 'full swirl': side A has the typical circles, with a small Japanse text. Side B is as shown on the left photo.

More information on this album will follow.