Magna Carta - Heartlands
Track list

1. Low Stoney Grooves/Perfect Lovers
2. Circus Of The Heart
3. For The Gypsy
4. Country Born
5. Lovers & Friends
6. Paradise Row
7. Ticket To The Moon
8. Merryfield
9. Diamond In The Dust
10. Blues Bar Café
11. Love Runs Wild
12. Down To The Heart
13. State Of The Art
14. Rings Around The Moon
15. ... (*)

This studio album was recorded by Jan Douwe Kroeske and Will Jackson.

(*) Track 15 is a 'hidden' joke track, not mentioned on the album sleeve nor the booklet. It starts with a long silence, followed by the band fooling around in the studio. A funny surprise for the first time listeners.

More information on this album will follow.