Magna Carta - Backroads
Track list (2006 release)

1. In the Scheme of Things*
2. For the Gypsy*
3. Ticket to the MOon
4. Backroads
5. Autumn Dreaming Blues*
6. You
7. Only Love Knows How
8. Walk Away From Heaven*
9. Moving On*
10. Only a Hobo
11. 9lb Hammer
12. Sun Ain't Gonna Rise
13. Love You Can't Hide*
14. Fields of Eden*
15. Silver Lining* (bonus track)

(*) Previously Unreleased

Track list (2007 re-release)

1. In the Scheme of Things*
2. For the Gypsy*
3. Ticket to the MOon
4. Winterlude/Ulysses
5. Backroads
6. Only Love Knows How*
7. You
8. Only Love Knows How
9. When All Is Said And Done
10. Pictures in my Pillow
11. Moving On*
12. Sun Ain't Gonna Rise
13. Only Road Home
14. Some Kind of Man
15. Fields of Eden*

(*) Previously Unreleased

Note for the 2006 release
The tracks of this new album were assembled for a worldwide audience and the forthcoming Dutch autumn tour 2006 in response to the many requests for recordings of Chris, Linda and Matt live. There are also included three studio tracks. A sentimental version of “Gypsy”, Linda’s “Moving on” and Autumn Dreaming Blues from the long vanished mid-sixties Paul Stewart (aka Chris Simpson). Recordings of rare, early archive material. Linda’s superb and achlingly poem “Silver lining” is a fortaste of more. And not to forget the absolute highlight of the concerts the song “Fields of Eden”.

The tracks were compiled from a wide range of venues all over the Netherlands not least the famed Café Amen, 9lb Hammer, live in the Amsterdam Paradiso. All these performances are precious memories to the extensive 2005 tour in Holland. Magnamilestones in their way. Listen and enjoy!

Chris Simpson
Magna Carta

2007 re-release
In 2007 this CD was re-released with a slightly different track list. The 2006 release has a 12 page booklet, the 2007 release has a 2 page booklet.