Magna Carta - 70's Pop Sound
Track list

Side 1
1. Time for the leaving (live)
2. Parliament hill (*)
3. Old John Parker
4. Times of change
5. Romeo Jack
6. Goin' my way

Side 2
1. Sea and sand (live)
2. Daughter, daughter
3. Airport song (live)
4. Country jam (live)
5. Ring of stones (live)

(*) A strange mistake on the sleeve: track 2 is not "Parliament hill", but "White snow dove"!

70's Pop Sound: Magna Carta - Album reviews
With its garish cover and "come and see what you're missing" title, 70's Popsound is one more in that marvelous series of German compilations, issued in the days when record labels believed that every band was worth anthologizing in some format - and were usually right to do so. Essentially a reprise of the U.K. Greatest Hits album, 70's Popsound is highlighted, of course, by the ever lovely "Airport," before meandering deeper through the four studio albums that the band cut for Vertigo during the first half of the '70s.

The emphasis is on the shorter material, of course (all the better to pack the grooves with), so fans of the band's more epic moments will probably be disappointed. But Magna Carta were generally worth hearing, whatever they did, and if this release pushed even a handful of people to dig into the back catalog, then its job was done.

Dave Thompson, All Music Guide

Note: Thompson is wrong: this is a Spanish release, not a German.