This chapter will give you an overview of some Magna Carta bootlegs, radio recordings and private releases. This chapter is probably far from complete. I'll give you an overview of the ones I know.

I am desperately looking for more material! So if you happen to have some unique Magna Carta bootleg recordings on vinyl, cd or tape, please let me know!

Magna Carta Live at the Melusina (Two by Four)

Two by Four - Live at the Melusina (1980)

Media Recording In Label Tracklist
2LP 1980 ?? BIG Records
Big 8001
Side 1A
1. Slowbone Jones
2. Cancer child
3. Slip-Slidin'
4. I'll walk mine
5. Airport Song

Side 1B
1. Silver coin
2. Two old friends
3. Southbound
4. Wild geese
5. Love the one you're with

Side 2A
1. Working on the road
2. Love on the wire
3. Danny
4. In tomorrow
5. Highway to Spain
6. Be it as you choose

Side 2B
1. Carie
2. Cajun Canonball
3. Song for John
4. Lord of the ages

A concert in Melusina (Luxembourg) in 1980. Mixed, dubbed and edited by Mark Lever (Spiny Norman) and Magna Carta. The sleeve states: "Two by four is just that: a double lp by four people and their admirable soundman Spiny Norman. You caught us on those two nights in September passing through our way to many places, and yet the memory is sweet. The records are very 'live', as they should be, but if they revive some happy memories for you all, then that's fine by us - we loved it too!"

Line-up Chris Simpson, George Norris (guitar), Al Fenn (guitar), Lee Abbott (bass)
Sound Not very good. Acceptable for a bootleg, but that is probably why this was never released as an official album (it almost looks like one).
Time ...
Magna Carta Curios, featuring the Lonesome Plaintives


featuring "The Lonesome Plaintives"

Media Recording In Label Tracklist
CDR 2001 UK/NL Friends of
Magna Carta
1. Pictures in my Pillow
2. Clare to Here
3. In Tomorrow
4. Terminal Case of You
5. Hungerford Bridge
6. Feel my Love
7. Margie
8. Travelling Man
9. Blues for a Long
    Road Home
10. You
11. Songbird
12. Blues run the Game
13. Streets of London
14. Overture
This is not a bootleg, but a very limited private release by Magna Carta and The Friends. It was a very special personal Magna Carta gift for the fanclub members (The Friends). This cd contains demo's, lost recordings and outtakes. It also has some jokes, like the hilarious corny "Streets of London" recording by Doug Morter, playing an on-purpose-out-of-tune guitar.

The red cover shows a cartoon by Ruben van Aefst. A sample of this will follow.

Line-up Chris and Linda Simpson e.a.
Sound Some songs taken from old tape..
Time 52:56 min.
Magna Carta

Live in Dynamo Eindhoven, 1982

Media Recording In Label Tracklist
CDR 1982 NL LQ   1. No truth in the rumour
  2. I'll walk mine /
      Put your hands together
  3. Two old friends
  4. Tell him what you want
  5. Took a long time
  6. Have a nice day
  7. It's so easy
  8. Airport song
  9. Working on the road
10. In tomorrow
11. Midnight blue
12. Wish it was
13. Queen of hearts
14. Hightway to Spain
15. The ladies you leave
16. Cajun Canonball
17. Lord of the ages
Recorded at 'Dynamo', a small concert hall in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). Comments and jokes between the songs.
(On some cd's song nr. 1 is mistakenly named "Easy your mind")
Line-up Chris Simpson, George Norris (guitar), Doug Morter (guitar), Lee Abbott (bass), Adrian Sheppard (drums).
Sound Rather poor sound quality. The original recording was an old audience cassette, and the band experienced some technical sound problems during the concert (earth hum). However, all in all this cd is still quite enjoyable and demonstrates the humor and energy of the band's line-up in the early eighties.
Time Appr. 70 minutes?
Magna Carta

Cambridge Festival, 1987?

Media Recording In Label Tracklist
CDR 1987 ? UK none 1. Cajun Canonball
2. Call me the Breeze
3. Elizabethan
4. Living with a woman
    like you
5. Airport Song
6. Sea and Sand
7. Shades of Grey
8. ...

This bootleg seems to be a recording of the Wavendon festival, also officially released on the "Live at the BBC" cd. More on this will follow.

Line-up Chris Simpson, ...
Sound Good
Time 30:28 minutes
Magna Carta

Live in Hoofddorp 1993 (radio)

a.k.a. "Radio VLOH-FM, 27 januari 1993"

Media Recording In Label Tracklist
CDR 1993 NL none 1. Time for the Leaving
2. Listen to the Man
3. Eyes on you
4. Merryfield
5. Airport Song
6. Ticket to the Moon
7. Everytime
8. Country Born

Recording from Radio Station VLOH-FM in Haarlemmermeer, Jan. 27 1993 (The Netherlands). Comments and jokes between the songs.
Line-up Chris, Linda and band.
Sound Great sound quality.
Time Appr. 30 minutes?
Magna Carta

The 25'th Anniversary Concert, 1994

a.k.a. "Vredenburg, 1994"

Media Recording In Label Tracklist
2CDR 1994 NL none DISK 1
1. Midwinter
2. Nothing so bad
3. Banjo man
4. ...error
5. Airport Song
6. For the Gypse
7. Ticket to the Moon
8. Lovers and Friends
9. Hey mr. Simpson
10. Wild Geese
11. Highway to Spain

1. Cajun Canonball
2. McKenzie
3. Two old Friends
4. Jan Akkerman solo
5. Slow train to nowhere
6. Time for the Leaving
7. Country born
8. State of the Art
9. Lord of the Ages
10. Down to the Heart

Two cd recording from 1994, in Vredenburg concert Hall (Utrecht, The Netherlands). This is Magna Carta's 25'th anniversary concert, with lots of ex-members and other friends. Comments and jokes between the songs.
Line-up Chris and Linda Simpson, Will Jackson (piano & slide guitar), Jonathan Barrett, Paul Burgess (drums), George Norris (guitar), Lee Abbott (bass), Angelo, Jan Akkerman (guitar), Sylvia Houtzager (violin player from Flairck) and Paul Chmielowski (guitar).
Sound From poor to okay. The cd has a strange sound quality, with some 'flanging' effects and an unbalanced mix. Apparently it is a direct recording from the stage mixing console, but for unknown reason reduced to a much lower sound quality?
Time appr. 2 hours?
Magna Carta

Vondelpark Amsterdam, 12-7-1998

Recording probably from an audience tape, at a rainy Vondelpark in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), July 7, 1998. Poor sound quality. 10 cd tracks, with only 5 songs: Banjo Man, Airport Song, Seasons in the Tide, Wild Geese, Fooled by a promise. The concert is disturbed by a pouring rain. Lots of talking in between.
Line-up: Chris and Linda Simpson.

Media Recording In Label Tracklist
CDR 1998 NL none 5 songs, 26:18 minutes.
Poor sound quality.
Magna Carta

Harry's Blues, 24-10-2004 (radio)

a.k.a. "Radio Drenthe"

Media Recording In Label Tracklist
CDR 2004 NL none 1. For the Gypsy
2. You say
3. Time for the leaving
4. Blues for a long road home
One version of this recording contains the whole hour of a radio show called "Harry's Blues" (Harry Muskee). At some moment Chris and Linda are being interviewed and they play four songs live. The original version has the whole radio show of one hour as one single track. With lots of (different) music and talking in Dutch and dialect. Less than half of the show is Magna Carta related. Some short interviews with Chris and Linda.
An alternative cd version has just the 4 songs on individual tracks.

Line-up Chris and Linda
Sound Great sound quality, although original recording is quite soft.
Time Appr. 60 minutes
Appr. 16 min Magna Carta music
Magna Carta wishes you a Merry Christmas

Wishes you a Merry Christmas

December 2006, for personal use only

Media Recording In Label Tracklist
CDR Dec. 2006 UK/NL Friends of
Magna Carta
  1. This time around
  2. Hebden Sunday Morning
  3. Only a lonely girl
  4. Long time running
  5. Shine
  6. You and I
  7. Watch this space
  8. Ordinary man
  9. Rings around the moon
10. Fields of Eden
11. 20 secs silence
12. Gorilla Song /
      Merry Christmas 1
13. Merry Christmas 2
14. Merry Christmas 3
15. Merry Christmas 4
16. Merry Christmas 5
17. Hello Christmas Bunnies
18. Merry Christmas 6 /
      Silent Night
19. 5 secs silence
20. Who knows where the
      time goes

This is not a bootleg, but a very limited private release by Magna Carta and The Friends. It was a very special personal Magna Carta gift for the fanclub members (The Friends). No sleeve, it was distributed in a plain white paper bag sleeve. The white CD-rom paper print was signed by Chris, Linda and Matt.

Tracks 1-10 are recorded live during the 2006 concert tour.
Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7 are live recordings of previously unreleased songs.
Tracks 12-18 are Chris, Linda and Matt joking and singing (well, trying to sing).
Track 20 is a beautiful Sandy Denny song, performed live by Linda and Matt.
Line-up Chris and Linda with Matt Barnhoorn
Sound Live & private recordings
Time 65:16